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Climate Change Converts Antarctic Into Vital Economic Hub

Climate change converts the Antarctic into a vital economic hub. From a helicopter Greenland’s dazzling white ice and pitch black mountains make the melancholy seem to continue for eternity. And a handful of people who reside here are economically backward with a great rate of substance abuse and suicide. One scientist entitled it as “end of the planet.”

When US President Donald Trump presented the idea of purchasing Greenland it was dejected, seen as a difficult and unsuitable perspective of a former friend. But it may present a surprise as Aladdin’s cave of oil, natural gas, and precious earth minerals just halting to be exploited as the ice ebbs.

The northern island and remainder of the Arctic are not just warmer because of global warming. As melting ice unfastens shipping lanes and discloses marvelous riches, the area is witnessed as a contemporary geopolitical and economic advantage with the US, Russia, China, and others wanting to participate in.

Fen Hampson the former head of international security program at the Center of International Governance Innovation think tank in Waterloo Ontario said that a self-reliant Greenland could provide deployment prerogative to either Russia or China or both.

He considered the wish by some there to renounce as a semi-autonomous area of Denmark. He also said that he is not saying that this would occur, but it is a framework that would have prominent geostrategic inference particularly if the Northwest Passage grows a transit route for shipping which is what is taking place in the Russian Arctic.


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