TikTok: Oracle has surpassed the Microsoft pole

After Microsoft’s offer this weekend by TikTok’s parent company ByteDance to buy the social network specializing in instant video for mobile devices, Oracle caught the eye. The latter becomes the platform’s privileged technical partner for its American activities.

The takeover of the American activities of TikTok is imminent. While Twitter, Netflix or even Walmart had shown in the last few weeks that they were keen to reach the American branch of the social network, which specializes in instant video on mobile devices, a game between Microsoft and Oracle had come about. Unexpectedly, Larry Ellison’s company entered the battle and won a decisive round. This weekend Microsoft actually announced that Byte Dance, the owner of TikTok, had not selected it to buy its social network’s American activities. “We believe our proposal would have been good for TikTok users while safeguarding national security interests,” said a statement that stated that if it won, the publisher would have made “significant changes” in Regarding had planned security, privacy, online security and misinformation.

At the same time, a source familiar with the matter reported by the Wall Street Journal stated that Oracle became TikTok’s “trusted technical partner” in the US. If a firm and definitive takeover has not been specifically announced for the time being, it is because that rapprochement seems far from obvious behind the scenes. According to the South China Morning Post, the acquisition discussions ended the sale or transfer of the algorithm embedded in TikTok. ” ” Society [ByteDance] won’t distribute source code to a US buyer, but TikTok’s tech team in the US could develop a new algorithm, “the source said, adding a metaphor,” The car can be sold but the engine cannot. “”

According to Zoom, Oracle’s cloud infrastructure behind TikTok

Patrick Moorhead, President and Senior Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, tweeted about the merger: “Why an Oracle TikTok deal would make sense: TikTok needs a trusted US data partner. Oracle knows how to protect and manage data. Oracle needs to move up to the cloud, and TikTok is mega-scale. When you add the zoom scale you are at the top of the game. “

The decision to sell TikTok’s US operations was made by a presidential decree of US President Donald Trump, which set a period of 90 days to come into effect solely with potential buyers, even Americans. Oracle’s founder does not hide his close relationship with Donald Trump and is one of the few Silicon Valley leaders to have endorsed him.

TikTok: Oracle takes care of the cloud, Walmart of Commerce

The TikTok file closed this weekend with the decision by Oracle and Walmart to run the micro-video-sharing service on American soil (mj, Twist in the case). Oracle takes over 12.5% ​​of those created by TikTok Global and Walmart 7.5%. With the already shareholders of the Chinese ByteDance, more than half of the capital would be held by American companies.

US President Donald Trump accepted on Saturday September 19th that TikTok would continue to operate in the US by creating a unit called TikTok Global in which Oracle and Walmart would hold minority stakes, 12.5% ​​for the 1st and 2nd 7th of September. 5% for the 2nd. The agreement with the Chinese ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, provides that Walmart will be the business partner in the US, while Oracle will be the secure cloud host for the short format mobile video sharing service . American funds that already hold shares in ByteDance, the Trump administration calculates that the American investment represents the majority in TikTok.

Oracle noted in a statement that the decision to keep the public cloud was largely influenced by the fact that Zoom had already kept it for much of its video conferencing service, which has grown dramatically since the pandemic began. from Covid-19. “TikTok chose the new generation 2 cloud infrastructure from Oracle because it is much faster, more reliable and more secure than the first-generation technology currently offered by all other major cloud providers,” said Larry Ellison, chief technology officer for the California group, said in a statement. And to cite the IDC 2020 Industry CloudPath survey that surveyed 935 IaaS service customers and found Oracle had the highest IaaS satisfaction levels compared to competitors.

Oracle will quickly deploy, scale and operate TikTok systems in its cloud, said Safra Catz, CEO of the group. “We are 100% confident that we can provide TikTok with a highly secure environment and ensure privacy for TikTok users in the United States and users around the world,” she added. Oracle’s second generation cloud infrastructure has been gradually rolled out worldwide by the provider over the past two years. It is based on Oracle’s automated database and its security technologies and, in particular, isolates the execution of applications.

No technology transfer to Oracle

Chinese ByteDance, owner of TikTok, recalled today that it would not transfer any algorithms or technologies to Oracle. The latter only has to examine the source code. Within the TikTok algorithm, the recommendation engine in particular contributed to the development of the micro video sharing service, which has 800 million users worldwide, 38% between 10 and 19 years old and 29% between 20 and 29 years old (BusinessofApps numbers) .

(Update) On September 21st, a new twist was made in the TikTok US file that has not yet been fixed.

Antitrust lawsuit against Google in the US imminent

The opening of a federal lawsuit against Google for abuse of a dominant position in the United States has been in the final straight line for several years. The US Department of Justice must meet with prosecutors to initiate its action.

A crucial week is ahead for Google. After the US Department of Justice launched an investigation into abuse of dominance against the search and online advertising giant last year, it is preparing to officially initiate proceedings. According to confirmatory sources reported by the Washington Post and the New York Times, a meeting with a dozen attorneys-general is due to take place this week before US Attorney General William Pelham Barr oversees this large-scale prosecution. The latter comes after the one that hit Google in Europe and was sentenced to a record fine of 4.34 billion euros.

“The case should focus on the company’s research activities and whether the company has used its dominant research position to block its competitors and harm consumers, some people say.” The lawsuit may also accuse the company of anticompetitive practices in the advertising technology market, but that part of the investigation wasn’t as advanced as the research, ”says the New York Times. During a 15-month investigation, the US Department of Justice spoke to hundreds of companies that filed complaints against Google for abusing a dominant position in searching and surfing the Internet on Android devices.

Republican attorneys general meeting with Donald Trump

This process, run by the Justice Department, does not replace any other action taken at the local level by other prosecutors as it is known that others could join the federal process later, including Democratic prosecutors who could join this movement after the Justice Department 2020 presidential election the only one targeted by the US Department of Justice, others are also on the grill, including Facebook, Apple and Amazon.

“The White House is expected to receive Republican attorneys-general on Wednesday to discuss a controversial decade-old federal law preventing social media platforms from being held accountable for content posted by their users,” said the Washington Post. ‘According to two sources near the case. And White House spokesman Judd Deere said, “The attorneys-general are at the forefront of this matter and President Trump wants their views.” Will there also be a common position on Google’s upcoming antitrust lawsuit on the agenda? It is far from impossible.

ERP, Dmat, HR and documentation exhibitions, IT answers to the crisis

As a loyal rendezvous at the beginning of autumn, there is no lack of trade fairs for ERP, Dmat, CRM, BI and e-purchasing solutions at the Porte de Versailles (Hall 7.2), at a time when digital technologies are emerging have proven their importance in this context of the health and economic crisis. In addition, the Solutions RH / E-Learning and Documation events also opened their doors yesterday (Pavilion 4). The conferences take place in large rooms to make it easier to keep distances.

The trade fairs for ERP, Démat, CRM, BI and E-Purchasing solutions will take place until tomorrow, Thursday, September 24th, in the Porte de Versailles (Hall 7.2) with a comprehensive conference program that deals with business challenges in the context of acceleration, deals with the digital transformation against the backdrop of the health and economic crisis: quickly deploy an e-commerce activity with physical collection, the ERP to test general teleworking, strengthen the automation of processes, a robust connection between e- Purchases and supply chain … Without forgetting the basics (how to choose your ERP? Digitize SMEs with few resources …) and innovation projects: AI and supply chain or the integration of data from the Internet of Things into the ERP. not so easy…

This traditional back-to-school meeting “is one of the few B2B trade shows that has been around for more than 20 years and opens its doors in September when we think publishers and buyers need to meet,” explained Florence de Courtenay, managing director of Infopromotions, the organizer. At the same time, the Solutions RH / eLearning Expo and Documentation trade fairs will take place in pavilion 4.3.

Economic recovery actors

“There is a growing demand among visitors for solutions that accelerate digital transformation, such as dematerialization and electronic signatures, which are requested during this time of teleworking.” The managing director also points out the e-shopping solutions that have to become more and more rational. “In the ERP there is a great acceleration of the passage in the cloud with the Covid-19, but this trend started on December 5th last year with the start of social conflicts and strikes in traffic that have sparked the need to telework too organize, ”she emphasizes. In BI, the focus is on solutions that allow you to anticipate data management and on analytics. “Above all, you have to exchange ideas and listen, meet physically,” says Florence de Courtenay. “We are aware that we are part of the actors of the economic recovery at our level,” she adds, emphasizing the loyalty of the exhibiting editors, some of whom have been present at every issue since the show began. The size of the conference rooms has been increased so that visitors can benefit from the safety distances. “We have enlarged the rooms by 40% to allow one chair to practice in two and we have installed plexiglass between the speakers of the round tables,” the manager told us.

Machine learning in document management

In terms of documentation, there is a lot of talk about RPA – automation of robotic processes – and machine learning in document management, emphasizes Florence de Courtenay, without forgetting, of course, everything to do with electronic signatures, monitoring and data intelligence. “That means everything that allows the data to be predicted, analyzed and put together in order to make something intelligent out of it.” The organizer of the exhibitions also notes progress on the archiving side, a project that the companies refused to implement. On the conference program tomorrow, September 24th: How the retrieval of information by AI and the resurgence of paid sources is changing … (9.45 am), success in your project for electronic signatures (10.00 am), RPA in the service among other things intelligent information management (11.00 am 12 a.m.) or even protect information assets from cyber threats (11 a.m.).

Among the Documation exhibitors, Jalios is developing a platform on which companies and administrations can use their data and knowledge. Avanteam, Docaposte, Docuware, Docusign, Digimind, Esker or Smile are also available. (Photo credit: Infopromotions)

HRD and the evolution of teleworking

In the area of ​​human resource management, teleworking, which started on December 5th with the strikes and then generalized during detention before being adjusted, appears to have had a very strong impact on organizations. “Anyone who says that teleworking involves better organization of payroll and its implementation covers many aspects, for example how employees can be further motivated, and in management the focus is shifting to top management and middle management by then “, Notes Florence de Courtenay. The HR Solutions event also includes the Digital Workplace area, which is dedicated to intranet / extranet and CSR solutions. The HRDs used these solutions and it was necessary to train managers in good collaboration practices. Without forgetting the problems of securing remote access.

“The HR departments had an enormous workload. These are really functions that have been accelerated, even if we’ve been talking about them for years,” recalls the general manager of Infopromotions. This deconfining alone meant significant additional work for HR development. At the fair, the service part deals with questions of coaching, psychological support and of course training. “Technology has to be at the service of people, it has been said for years that we have to put people back at the center of the debates, it is even stronger now. “”

Program of conferences and workshops

Trade fairs for ERP, Demat, CRM, BI and E-Purchasing solutions:

– Wednesday, September 23, 2020, afternoon

– Thursday, September 24, 2020


– Wednesday, September 23, 2020, afternoon

– Thursday, September 24, 2020

HR solutions – eLearning Expo:

– Wednesday, September 23, 2020, afternoon

– Thursday, September 24, 2020