In the midst of a boom, e-commerce is recruiting 16,000 programmers

With 16,000 online sales positions filled in October, developers rank second among the top 10 most sought-after jobs in this area. Data professionals and community managers also play a prominent role in this area.

In its latest barometer, the Qapa recruitment agency tried to determine the labor market trend in the e-commerce sector for this month of October. The results show that the skills associated with this sales channel have expanded to a variety of professions, including digital, due to the health crisis. As a result, certain IT specialties appear in the top 10 most sought-after roles in the online sales sector. This is especially true for IT developers. With an estimated requirement of 16,000 employees in October 2020, the programmers now occupy the second stage of the podium behind the logistics specialists. The most sought-after careers in online sales include data scientists with a moderate demand (2,000 positions to be filled in the last month) and community managers (1,500 submitted offers).

Data scientists are increasingly in demand to analyze the big data generated by interactions in the online customer experience, while community managers (see CIDJ description) bring together and lead the customer community into products or brands. .

“Outside of a time of health crisis, digital, and especially e-commerce, is already one of the most dynamic sectors in terms of recruitment,” said Jacques Froissant, managing director of Altaïde’s IT recruiting company. “But we have seen a real explosion in hiring since childbirth and as the sectors hit by the Internet expand, the qualifications sought are becoming wider,” he said.

This is borne out by the latest figures for April to June 2020 published by the Association for E-Commerce and Distance Selling (Fevad). According to the professional organization, 41 million French people made online purchases, 1 million more compared to the same period last year. One of the factors that explain this increase is the restriction to 24% of cyber shoppers in particular, who stated that they ordered more during this period.