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On October 15th, Enjeux Marketing and Le Monde Informatique invite you to a morning on web TV in the wider universe of social media. The Eiffel Tower Operating Company, Antalis Group and Linkfluence will share a broader panorama of the latter as well as social marketing practices in B2B and in times of pandemic. Sign up to follow us on Thursday October 15 from 9:11 a.m.

No marketing strategy without social marketing. Today, most consumers begin their customer journey online, but rarely on the website of the brand or product they are looking for. They browse Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Unsurprisingly, many brands will be looking for them here now. Still, the social media landscape changes every day and is enriched by newcomers. Snapchat, TikTok, but also e-sports with Twitch and video games with Fortnite, Minecraft or Animal Crossing are increasingly becoming marketing playgrounds. To help you find your way in this changing world and its practices, we invite you to participate in our WebTV program on October 15th with Enjeux Marketing and Le Monde Informatique. We will try with our speakers to answer the question “What strategy in social media in a time of fragmentation?” To answer. “.

Panorama of new networks

Brands like Burberry’s and La Redoute are venturing into Twitch and TikTok

We open the morning with Guilhem Fouetilhou, co-founder of the social listening company Linkfluence. With him, we will review these new social media that are seducing brands today to understand who they are and we will discover the interest that some companies’ marketing is already taking in them. For example, we’ll see the Twitch esports platform undoubtedly anticipate a whole new trend in fun, interactive community marketing. And that it’s not reserved for sports or games brands! We are going to step into the secrets of the fascinating TikTok. Here, too, a new path for brands. And like Twitch, a path to a very young audience that marketing teams can’t always attract.

Registration for the web conference: To view the detailed program of the event and to register, go to the program page “What Social Media Strategy in Times of Fragmentation?

The essential social networks in the B2B area at Antalis

When this panorama is over, we will welcome Franck Chénet, Director of Digital Transformation and Communication at Antalis, who will share his conviction as an iconoclast. For him “social media = business”. This belief is all the more surprising given that Antalis is a B2B group. It sells paper, cardboard and visual communication as an indirect model. When he joined the group in 2016, he defined and implemented a very specific development strategy in social networks. He’ll explain it to us and share his KPIs and solid results with us.

Covid obliges, the Eiffel Tower disrupts its strategy

For the Eiffel Tower, social networks are shuttles between the world and the flagship, its website.

Eventually we’re going to end up with a great woman whose Covid-19 completely changed social media strategy. The Eiffel Tower was preparing to invest the Chinese networks Wechat or Weibo or even Russian Facebook Vkontakte when the pandemic stalled its momentum. As the director for digital marketing of SETE (the Eiffel Tower operating company), Stéphanie Renault, will tell us in full transparency, the most instagrammed monument in the world had to rotate 180 °. Of course, while it attracted the publications of internet users from around the world, it had to pique the interest of a completely different public, a local public that loves it but never visits: the Parisians.

EU renews market to manage the .eu extension

A tender has been opened to find the future manager of the .eu domain name extension. Does the current operator EURid still have a chance?

Who will be responsible for .eu? The European domain extension is indeed looking for a new owner instead of EURid. The European Commission is in the process of extending the contract for a period of 5 years. The lucky winner will monitor 3.6 million domains as of October 2022. The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Networks, Content and Communication Technologies is handling this case. Its director, Pearse O’Donohue, invited DNS players, including registry operators, to apply.

The Brussels executive will be very careful to ensure that the procedure is properly followed. Other tenders launched in recent years have been affected by corruption allegations and legal challenges, particularly with respect to the .co (Colombia), .in (India) and .au (Australia) extensions. The EU therefore wants to avoid controversy and insists that applicants should only be non-profit organizations based in Europe. These criteria should prevent companies like Afilias and Neustar (involved in the Colombian renewal case) from applying.

Do the criteria favor EURid?

De facto, other actors are excluded for registration operators unless they set up non-profit subsidiaries in Europe to serve this market. Another key element of the .eu contract will be multilingualism. It could then put English-speaking players like the English Nominet or Centralnic and Minds + Machines at a disadvantage. Among other things, “the contractor must ensure that its internal governance adheres to the principles of effectiveness, efficiency, responsibility, transparency and responsiveness,” says the tender.

With all these requirements one can imagine that the current .eu TLD owner EURid will leave the favorites in order to take over his own successor. Nothing is less certain, however, the relationship between the EU and EURid has been put to the test, particularly during the Brexit period when the Commission requested that the .eu domain names associated with UK owners be removed as soon as possible. official UK release. The registration has lost millions of domains and its reputation has suffered. EURid cannot even rely on the financial aspect to seduce the Commission. The annual .eu revenue of 12.6 million euros is a drop in the ocean in the EU budget. The extension is seen as a showcase. “The aim of the .eu TLD is to strengthen the Union’s identity and promote the Union’s values ​​online, such as multilingualism, respect for privacy and user security. Respect for human rights as well as the Union’s specific priorities in the digital field ”, it says in the call.