Patton markets a VoIP box for SMEs

To support small and medium-sized businesses that have provided SIP phone service, Patton markets the SmartNode 500 box and works with major PBX and VoIP soft switch providers.

With the SmartNode 500 (125 € HT) Patton offers a solution for medium-sized and medium-sized companies that want to better manage and secure their SIP telephony services. Of the type eSBC (Enterprise Session Border Controller), this SN500 box controls the IP telephony resources via an IPBX, a hosted IPBX or in UCaaS mode to solve the problems of interoperability and quality of service. “So far, SIP service providers have not primarily provided eSBC to customers for cost reasons. The SN500 now offers them a cost-effective solution with real-time visibility of service status and improved security for their customers, ”said Roland Leocadio, Sales Director at Patton France, in a press release. “This also applies to PBX installers, who can offer a safer and easier-to-maintain solution. “”

The SN500 supports 4 to 30 simultaneous SIP sessions with optional SIP-TLS and integrates the functions of a session border controller: protection against DDoS attacks, masking of the client’s IP topology and adaptation of the SIP protocol. The SN500 is installed at the customer’s site and provides a demarcation point between the company’s VoIP / LAN network and the WAN of the SIP service provider. The monitoring of the SIP traffic and the call quality is carried out by the appliance, which also sends automated warnings in the event of a failure in order to shorten the response time in the event of a failure.

Finally, the SN500 can be deployed remotely in conjunction with the Patton cloud supervisor, yet still offers real-time visibility into services and call quality. SIP service providers can also integrate an eSBC into their offering in order to make this platform available to their customers.