Twitter is recruiting hacker Mudge as a future CISO

To improve cybersecurity, Twitter hired Peiter Zatko, known by his hacking handle, Mudge. He has to be the next RSSI on social media.

After falling victim to a major hack earlier this year, Twitter decided to act in order to improve its security. Social media just recruited Peiter Zatko, a famous hacker named Mudge. Reuters first reported this recruitment, or Zatko. During a trial period he will take care of the fight against the spread of false information and protect social media from security breaches. He will report directly to CEO Jack Dorsey. After this probationary period, Peiter Zatko has to become CSO (Chief Security Officer).

Mudge has a strong background in cybersecurity. In 1998 he was a member of a L0pht hacker group and testified before Congress about vulnerabilities in the US government. He later became a program director for DARPA in areas of cybersecurity. In 2013 he worked for Google in the Advanced Technology & Projects department. He is also one of the leaders of a group of hackers Cute of the Dead Cow.

Actions on multiple fronts

In a tweet, Peiter Zatko stated: “I am very excited to join the Twitter management team! I firmly believe in the mission to hold (fair) public discussions. I will do my best ! “In an interview with Reuters, he made it clear that his primary role on Twitter will be” to ensure the security of information, the integrity of the website, the physical security, the engineering and the fight against the abuse and manipulation of the website. ” Platform “.

He comes to Twitter at an important time for the group. Earlier this year, social media was the victim of a hack that targeted several personalities including Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Kim Kardashian West, Mike Bloomberg and Kanye West. More recently, like other social networks, Twitter has been put in place so as not to withdraw certain content or moderate certain messages, especially during the US legislative period.