According to Linkedin, IT recruitment has not collapsed in France

In October, among 15 countries surveyed by Linkedin, France recorded the best recovery in its recruitment rates in the IT job market, + 15% year-on-year. The code and engineering professions are among the most popular skills in the market.

With a 15% year-on-year increase on October 11, 2020, France has one of the best IT recruitment rates compared to its international neighbors, according to a study conducted by Linkedin. This is shown by the professional social network based on data collected in fifteen countries. These figures apply to France, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, the United States, Italy, Ireland, Mexico and the Netherlands, Great Britain, Singapore and Sweden. They correspond to the Linkedin hiring rate, which measures the number of members who – without verification – added a new employer to their profile in the month in which their employment began. These results show the improvement in employment in the French market, although the country recorded one of the largest falls in the hiring rate in March and April (below 60%). At the same time, they suggest that the fact that they were not restricted did not lead to an increase in attitudes. Indeed, Brazil has suffered one of the biggest recruitment setbacks, LinkedIn points out, while Sweden has not yet returned to growth compared to other European countries.

In Europe, the hiring rates recorded by Linkedin have been more or less affected by the effects of the health crisis. Source Brian Xu, economic graph, Linkedin Research and Insights.

Functions for finding a position or a workout

In this study, the site also identified the professions most requested by recruiters in France in September. These are project managers, sales engineers and developers. Despite these positive signals, however, the platform is showing some caution. With many countries like France hit by a second wave of the pandemic, she believes that recruitment certainly cannot compensate for the rise in unemployment. For this purpose, the professional network now offers job seekers several functions. Among these, Career Explorer is an interactive tool that allows members to find positions that match their skills and the training they need to develop. The beta version will be available in France in the coming months.

Network members also have the option to use #OpenToWork, a box under their profile photo, and let recruiters know that they are open to opportunity. To help users improve their skills, LinkedIn offers nearly 1,000 hours of free courses developed by Microsoft on In the last three months, almost 13 million people worldwide have strengthened their digital knowledge.