Fiber cut: Almost 20,000 Orange customers on site in Hauts-de-Seine

Work on the Clamart station damaged Orange’s underground fiber optic cables and caused the unavailability of internet and phone services routed through the operator’s box. A full recovery is not expected until October 31, 2020.

While the national hiring scenario seems increasingly likely while waiting for President Emmanuel Macron to speak at 8 p.m. that Wednesday evening, teleworking should come back to power. For those who already use it, at least for Orange customers in Hauts-de-Seine, this way of working is more of a nightmare than a dream at the moment. Underground fiber optic cables were accidentally damaged while work was being carried out on Clamart Station, which will be used by the new subway lines 15 and 10. The result: no more internet access or landline phone services for nearly 20,000 customers of the leading French telecommunications operator. And that in the communes of Issy-Les-Moulineaux, Malakoff, Clamart and Châtillon.

“Network experts have found a redirect solution to restore as quickly as possible. The repair will take effect at the end of the afternoon to recover in the evening, ”Orange said in a tweet on Tuesday, October 27th. Problem: Unfortunately, this workaround does not seem to affect all customers affected by this outage. Many of them forward support messages from the operator indicating a return to normal between today and October 31, 2020. “The accident site announced that I would be recovered on October 31st after me. to have announced this day at the end of the morning, then tomorrow, then Thursday … And you tell us tonight … which date is the right one, please? No lies, preferably mrc ”, tweeted a Twitter user, obviously annoyed.