Fitness Park Selects Fuze for IP Telephony

To manage communications applications consistently, the Fitness Park Group implemented the Fuze IP telephony solution when they moved to their new headquarters in La Dfense.

Until 2019, the headquarters of the Fitness Park Group was spread over two separate locations that were equipped with landline telephony. On the occasion of the regrouping of these two locations in a new headquarters in Paris La Défense, the group decided to modernize their telecommunications infrastructure by switching to telephony over IP.

After a tender, the company decided on the solution from Fuze, which met all criteria in terms of price, functionality and ergonomics. The implementation took place in October 2019. The approximately one hundred employees in the headquarters were equipped. Everyone has their own phone line that can be reached from their workstation or mobile phone. Most landline phones have also been replaced by headsets. The solution integrates conventional telephony, chat and video conferences and thus facilitates internal communication within the company, but also the exchange with customers. “We had daily support, which enabled all employees to adopt the solution quickly,” emphasizes Mohamed Rahmoune, CIO of the Fitness Park Group. After this first final step, the company began a second wave of commitment to its employees in clubs.

A measurable return on investment

With the Covid-19 pandemic, Fitness Park employees who could have worked remotely. The Fuze solution made it easier to organize activities during this difficult time, notably by hosting a webinar that was attended by around a hundred people (club directors, brand licensees, managers, etc.) to discuss the strategy. the group for the management of the deconfination. The group was also able to accelerate certain projects, such as the customer service implemented with the Fuze solution.

Fitness Park estimates the solution has resulted in savings of almost 30%, particularly on operating costs and overruns. The company also benefits from a unified telephony system that makes internal organization easier, thanks in particular to the functions for sharing diaries or address books. Finally, simplified call routing, the creation of grouped lines, or even click-to-call have all improved team efficiency. “The next step will be to integrate Fuze with our CRM solution so that a member who calls a club can get a quick and personalized response,” says Mohamed Rahmoune.

About fitness park

With more than 250 sports clubs in France and abroad, the Fitness Park Group now has almost 700,000 active members and employs 1,300 people. This player has been present for 30 years and has a turnover of around 200 million euros.