Ludovic Albert (DOSI OGF): We have digitalized the processes a lot

Ludovic Albert is Director of Organizational and Information Systems at OGF, one of the main players in the funeral services sector in France. When asked by our colleague CIO about his extensive project to modernize his information systems, which began 5 years ago, OGF emphasizes the digitization of processes.

CIO. Can you introduce the OGF Group to us?

Ludovic Albert. The OGF Group operates in five different main categories of activities. The first includes funeral services and the organization of funerals through different brands, notably PFG, Roblot, the house of Henri de Borniol or different brands and local agencies grouped under the Dignité Funéraire label. We then have an industrial activity with two factories in Jussey (70) and Reyrieux (01) that produce coffins with French wood from environmentally conscious sectors. Most of the production is dedicated to our services, but some is sold to other players. We also have a range of marble products with the sale and installation of funerary monuments. OGF also takes care of the construction and management of crematoria on behalf of the municipalities. We are currently entrusted with more than 80 crematoria for a period of 20 to 35 years. Finally, we have a retirement fund that offers funeral insurance contracts. Our portfolio includes almost 400,000 contracts.

In total, the group employs almost 6,000 people in 6 regions and 54 operational sectors with multiple warehouses and more than a thousand offices across France. Each sector has its own director who manages all operational, commercial and logistical functions.

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