The government wants 250 online marches before 2022

On October 23, 2020, Amlie de Montchalin, Minister for Transformation and Public Service, presented the plan to accelerate the digital transformation of state and territories as part of #FranceRelance. Registered in a one billion euro program, 500 million pilot projects are directly affected by his minister. Sophie Cluzel, State Secretary to the Prime Minister responsible for people with disabilities, also spoke about the accessibility included in the plan.

“Before we accelerate, we have to measure,” said Amélie de Montchalin, Minister for Transformation and Civil Service, and opened her presentation of the plan to accelerate the digital transformation of the state and territories on October 23. 2020. This is the role of the Observatory for the Quality of On-Line Procedures. Two million French people who are or are not familiar with digital technology, with good or bad connection, in the city or in the country, etc., have given their opinion in the past twelve months. 71% have positive opinions, which is below the 80% target. However, the detailed compendium allows the state to know where to improve according to the real (and not assumed) expectations of citizens.

The President of the Republic and the Government are committed to an ambitious target to be achieved by 2022: 250 daily administrative procedures will be carried out online. Indeed, it is incomprehensible to the Minister that we can do anything online except carry out certain routine administrative procedures. “Digitization means making everyday processes accessible anywhere, anytime,” she noted before adding: “But it’s actually about improving access to public services, not replacing the other channels. Agents can contact with Repositioning added value ”, leaving the basic practices of independent citizens to the digital channel. So far, 182 practices are online, 72.8% of the target. However, this means that digital technology is being taken seriously from the start and not as a technical modality at the end of the project. Amélie de Montchalin concluded: “We have to bring the CIOs of the ministers to the strategic level, not that they are called at the end, otherwise we will not move forward.” “

EUR 500 million, of which EUR 208 for the working conditions of civil servants

Within a larger program of one billion euros, the Ministry of Transformation and Public Service has its own budget of 500 million euros for the part that falls under its responsibility. 208 million is to improve the working tools of civil servants (improving the tools to enable teleworking, improving the flow of the state inter-ministerial network, training, etc.). And the minister made it clear that the term “civil servant” is not restricted to statutory civil servants or just state administrations. It will be possible to mobilize this fund for the benefit of CNAM or Pôle Emploi representatives. The minister therefore remarked: “The administration is also behind the counter. When we have digital before us, but then paper processing, we have lost interest in digital. »88 million are to support the transformation of local communities. After all, 204 million are earmarked directly for the digital transformation of the state. This last part naturally concerns the digitization of procedures, but also the support of best practices from practice, the “thorough” transformation of internal (back office) practices and the exchange of data. “The health crisis has shown how difficult it is to gather information on the ground,” said the minister. Ministries, municipalities, etc. Anyone wishing to benefit from this fund must go to the ministry’s one-stop shop. Applications can already be collected, although funds will be available on January 1st.

Some ministries are already very well positioned in the digitization race, others much less well. The Prime Minister’s Services, the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Reconstruction, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Ecological Change thus have an excellent 100% of the steps that can be taken online 30% for Justice, 45% for Territorial Cohesion and 58% for culture. But the satisfaction rate is also very different: 80% for justice or foreign affairs versus 65% for business and 60% for culture. Amélie de Montchalin qualified people who may seem brutal: “The technical difficulties, the complexity, the safety … like the number of procedures vary greatly from ministry to ministry. If you make a complaint online, you don’t need to apply for a boat license. “”

Sophie Cluzel, State Secretary to the Prime Minister responsible for People with Disabilities, attended a video conference

Citizen satisfaction also varies greatly depending on the topic. If simply contacting support satisfies 75% of users, with an overall satisfaction of 71%, if the availability and responsiveness of the websites is 67%, then two points deserve serious progress. 47% of the websites therefore have a real “Tell Us-Once-Once” account. This approach is to first get the information available in other administrations (if the user accepts it) before requesting information or documents again. This implies a real work of connections or even API. France Connect mutual identification is currently only used in 60% of cases (the goal is 100%).

And worst of all is accessibility: 12% of the services satisfy users by taking into account different disabilities. 21% of services have been required to publish an accessibility statement for less than three years. The regulatory reference in this area is the RGAA (General Accessibility Reference for Administrations). Sophie Cluzel, State Secretary to the Prime Minister responsible for people with disabilities, was offended: “Accessibility is an issue that we are not giving up. But we’re still catching up because we don’t have a native creation of accessible approaches yet. The real problem here is the high deficit of webmasters trained in accessibility. The formation of such webmasters is an economic opportunity for both members of the government.

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