The planned goodbye to Internet Explorer 11 begins on November 30, 2020

Version 11 of the Internet Explorer browser released almost 7 years ago will be your reference. In other words, users are going to be without Microsoft support services. This begins in November for Teams, eight months before the full end of support for all Office 365 applications, which is planned for mid-August 2021.

Microsoft plans to end support for its Internet Explorer 11 web browser. This removal begins on November 30, 2020 with the Team Collaboration web application, which is the first to no longer support IE 11. In one year, August 17th, 2021, it will be the group of Microsoft 365 services and applications that no longer support IE 11. “According to this data, customers have a degraded experience or can no longer connect to Microsoft 365 apps and services in IE 11,” said the Redmond publisher in a blog post published on August 17th.

“Because of this degraded experience, the new Microsoft 365 features may not be available or some features may no longer work when accessing the service through IE 11.” Microsoft acknowledges that this change will likely be difficult for some customers, but it ensures that users can get more out of Microsoft 365 with the new Microsoft Edge. “We are determined to make this transition as smooth as possible,” he promises.

Edge under Chromium integrated in Windows 10 20H2

In his post, the editor recalls that Internet Explorer 11 dates back to 2013, when the online environment was “much less demanding” than it is today. For two years he has been developing his Edge browser on the open source Chromium engine, which is better suited to meet the requirements for security, protection of personal data and management of the browser itself. This version of the browser was introduced in January. Millions of people have already died and Microsoft is starting to enforce it. The next terminals and updates of Windows 10 from 20H2 will integrate Edge.

These upgrades also result in Microsoft plans to end support for older HTML-based versions of Edge, versions commonly referred to as “Edge Legacy” or “Legacy”. “We will end support for the Edge Legacy desktop application on March 9, 2021,” he announced in his post. After that date, these versions will no longer receive security updates. For companies that have not yet switched to Edge on Chromium, Microsoft has prepared a detailed document to help them deploy.